smiling kisses (adamma) wrote in papertosound,
smiling kisses

you left me bare

This image of our lights touching softly as we lay in the dark. Our bodies naked, and our lips pressed together. I can feel the incline of your breath and the decline of your exhale. I want to breathe each of your breaths for you, and I want to press your hand against my breast, causing my heart to flutter.

My heart can't stop pounding and my lips shivering. You left me last night, naked, and alone. Scared and confused. Your last words beat against my ear as tears dripped down my face. They wouldn't stop, and I couldn't quite figure out why.

I pictured our feet entangled with each other, your hair, against my bare skin. Soft, and pearly white. [only pearly white in the winter.] Our fingers laced within each other, squeezing gently, and smiling endlessly.

Your words left my heart racing, and my fingers shaking, my lips trembling. I could hear each of them, like snow covering softly over mountain tops. Like rain pouring into a lake, placid, and pure. Like my lips settling together against themselves.

You've left me bare, and confused. I lay now, wondering what you mean. What you mean when you say I'm perfect, and beautiful. What you mean when you say you wish we had figured this thing out three years ago. Too many questions, too little time, darling.

But, I'd rather spend all my days with you.
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